Finding images for use in class

Possible sources for images:

  1. Magazines and newspapers
  2. Draw the image yourself
  3. If you must use the Internet, the Microsoft site has thousands of useful images on it (though it can sometimes be tricky to download from)
  4. Clipart is sometimes a good option, apart from anything else as the images are designed to be clear (need pictures of animals…? vegetables…?). Example, above.
  5. More clipart on
  6. Another clipart site that that I can recommend
  7. Yahoo News, if you are looking for something topical (choose 'News Photos')…
  8. Google… and most of the other search engines, too (, Dogpile, Yahoo and Windows Live, for example) — don't just use Google!

Note the two items that I've put first on my list — and which (in)famous name I've put last. You want a good image — don't go to Google-is-Evil: it has zero interest in the quality of the images it steals, and how suitable they are for use in a language class certainly isn't one the criteria it uses.

More on finding and using images from the Internet on our Celta course website.

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