What a Dogme lesson feels like

The (approx.) monthly Pilgrims' Humanising Language Teaching newsletter is one I subscribe to (free).

Among the interesting articles in its back issues is one on "What a Dogme lesson feels like".

In case you wondered:

"…like a group of people freed from their expectations of the traditional teacher-student, them-and-us, relationship"

And in case you wondered what Dogme is, it's — among other things — a fascinating discussion group that will be of interest if you think your learners more important than your materials.

Things like the HLT newsletter coming to you, rather than you going looking, is one way to save yourself wasting time on the Internet, which is a good thing. Belonging to a discussion group like Dogme is one way to ensure you continue to think critically about what you and your learners are doing in your classroom.

That's a good thing, too…

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