Finding texts for use in class

Where can you find texts to use in class? The following are places that I look…

  • The BBC, where you will find texts on virtually anything under the sun…
  • Among other things, you have an "on this day" section, with historical events of the past for every day of the year
  • A good newspaper site, like The Guardian, particularly if you want something topical (but do you need to edit the text to bring down the level of vocabulary difficulty?)
  • The Guardian also has a "Historic events as The Guardian saw them" section, where you will also find links to similar "Today is…" sites
  • The wacky news items to be found on eg. Yahoo (look for the "Oddly enough" section) make fun texts
  • Ananova has a similar section (look for the "Quirkies" section). The bizarre crime stories make good texts for class…
  • On Netscape you will find any number of "pop culture" items (some of it, note, perhaps a little risqué for use in class)
  • Songs are also "texts", don't forget… AllMusic is an excellent site, but type the name of just about any song, together with the word "lyrics" into any search engine, and you'll find it

Don't forget that you can change the default start page on your browser, so that it opens on a page like one of these. "Don't search, have things come to you," I always say — and, if you look for them out of the corner of your eye when you log on, that's one way in which you can do just that.

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  1. What can you do with texts…?
    Here are two interesting articles on the excellent site:

    Text in language classrooms: TALO, TAVI and TASP

    Interacting with texts – Directed activities related to texts (DARTs)

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