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Not so well-known as the big ELT publishers, Delta Publishing has an excellent "Professional Perspectives" series of resource books for teachers (image, right).

My favourite is Chandler and Stone'sThe Resourceful English Teacher, which has lots of practical ideas on how to use things like the OHP, video etc (though an update — or a new title — to cover the Internet would be an idea).

I also like some of the ideas in Chris Sion's Creating Conversation in Class ("Student-centred interaction"), including "Myself from A-Z", which suggests having them create an "A-Z of your own life", which might be a great way to have people get to know each other at the start of the year, as it will reveal a surprising amount about yourself.

As is pointed out, you need to give a few examples, which can be "trivial, personal or humorous". I found it surprisingly difficult to complete an A-Z of my own life, but don't think it matters if your learners can't. My own examples:

  • A is for…?
  • B is for Barcelona, where I've lived for over 25 years
  • C is for cycling, which is one of my great passions in life
  • D is for drawing, which is one of the other things I enjoy doing most (though perhaps doodling would be the correct term…)
  • E is for…?

The book seems to suggest a "whole class" presentation, but small group, or pairs, might work better, I think.

It's also something that might work well on a class blog, on which each learner could post (and update) their own…

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