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From the excellent TechLearning blog, this selection of 40 Sites for Educational Games, not by any means all of them intended for language learning.

Specifically for ELT, there's the excellent Digital Play blog (Graham Stanley and Kyle Mawer) as well as the prize-winning book of the same title.

I'm not a big games-in-class player myself, though it's always been my secret wish to have a DoS tell me "I want you to teach this teens class; there's no coursebook, but you do have 15 copies of Age of Empires…"

Just to see if it would work, you understand 🙂 !

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  1. Hello, I am a teacher in an elementary school and I'm looking for some suggestions about using games for teaching young learners, can you give me some advice? Thank you.

  2. Do you mean with or without technology, Bianca?

    With, I'd really recommend Digital Play, as well as Third World Farmer, one of my favourites.

    Without technology, and for young learners, esl4kids is quite a popular site,

    I've actually never really been a big fan of games in class: I think there's so much more to be got out of project work or drama or storytelling. On those, there are some excellent OUP resource books.

    More stuff for young learners

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