More image links and ideas for using them

Yet another useful link from Larry Ferlazzo's amazing collection, to Nations Illustrated, which has over 7,000 images — free for non-commercial use — organised by countries of the world.

I like Larry's idea of exploiting the fact that you can send the photo's as e-cards to a friend (or your teacher)… Perhaps you could also have your learners create a story based on a series of e-cards sent to you from different places around the world…?

Note also the "play puzzle" feature, if you're a jigsaw puzzle fan, which allows you to turn the images into jigsaws. I wonder if you could have people doing that in class in pairs, perhaps with one person having the original picture, which their partner isn't allowed to see… Or have them work together to work out how the puzzle must fit together logically ("that bit must go there", "that can't be right…").

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