More evidence that Google is Evil ,- ) !

My husband… Now would that be "Google search" or "I'm feeling lucky"?'s bizarre news "Quirkies" section is one of my default start pages — partly because some of stories amuse me greatly and partly because there's often a text there that you can use in class.

Among the headlines this morning, "Wife's £5m Google surprise":

A woman is suing her husband after she Googled his name – and found out he had won £5m on the lottery. >> Full story

What could you do with such a text…?

  • Before reading, you could speculate from the headline what the story might be, something which you might do in pairs, with each pair then telling the whole class "their" story
  • During reading, you could get people to determine which pair they think got closest to the actual story, which can get them to read more closely, and gives a natural reason for "talking about meaning"
  • After reading, there are any number of discussion points that might come up — do they believe the story, what can they guess about the people involved, have they ever "Googled" their own names (or those of their spouses!)

Persuade your learners to change their default start pages to a website where they are going to get themselves some reading (or listening) practice — it's one of the most useful things you can do for them!

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  1. I was delighted to find at least one other blog dealing with ELT. They either seem to be very elusive, or I'm just incapable of locating them. Well done and keep up the good work! Joe

  2. Thanks, Kate :-)! Too bad they can so afford it and won't give a damn…

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