IH Barcelona ELT Conference: Podcasting 101

At IH Barcelona's annual ELT Conference (February 8-9), I'll be giving a session called Podcasting 101, which is intended as a "how to get started" introduction to podcasting (basically recording and sharing audio).

Podcasting has been around quite some time (since 2005, according to the Wikipedia entry on podcasts), and although not a lot of the language teachers I know actually do any podcasting with their classes, in fact it's one of the uses of technology I've found most successful both in language classrooms and on training courses for language teachers.

Among the tools that will be mentioned:

For recording

For sharing and commenting on the recordings

As well as looking briefly at the tools, the session will also give you some ideas for the kind of tasks you could have your learners start with.

The session is designed for teachers of just about any age and level, particularly for teachers who imagine that they don't have the technical expertise to podcast. As you'll discover, very little is required!

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