Don't waste your time on the Internet!

You have to teach the difference between the present perfect and the present perfect progressive.

Which of the following would you turn to, in what approximate order?

  • A good grammar reference book
  • Google
  • Your "Favourites" (aka "Bookmarks")
  • A second grammar reference book
  • CeltaStars (our email support group)
  • The notes in your Teacher's Book
  • A second search engine (eg. Yahoo or MSN…)
  • A colleague or tutor
  • Something that might be in your mailbox
  • A directory or portal
  • A news aggregator (which uses RSS)
  • Something else…

In the hand-out for the session, I provided further notes on the above, and in the "comments" (see below), I've suggested my own answer.

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  1. What follows is my own answer — it's not (obviously) the only correct answer.

    What point am I trying to make? That very often Google is the very last place I'd go…

    My answer:

    (1) A good grammar reference book
    (2) A second grammar reference book
    (3) My "favourites"
    (4) A directory or portal
    (5) A colleague or my tutor
    (6) The notes in my Teacher's Book
    (7) Something in my own mail box
    (8) CeltaStars
    (9) Google
    (10) Another search engine
    (11) A news aggregator/RSS feed

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