Google Reader to be ditched, July 1

My thoughts entirely…!

As of July 1, Google is pulling the plug on Google Reader, in my view absolutely its best tool (with the possible exception of Google Drive), says The Guardian and the BBC, and Lifehacker, and Mashable, and 100s of other sites in my Reader feeds.

Currently in a state of shock, I just don't know what I'm going to do without all the amazing material for classes, all the amazing new technology, all the great ideas that all come to me daily in one conveniently crap-free space, the last not something that can be said of garbage collection points like Twitter and Google+.

Having swept aside Bloglines, Google is now just going to trash Reader in order to force on us whatever of its products it deems is going to make it most millions…?

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Lifehacker has a number of suggested alternatives

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  1. Heather Melton

    Hi Tom,

    Have you tried ShareFire? I recently started using it and am happy so far.


  2. No, I haven't, Heather, but thank you, I'll check it out.

    I MUST have my daily dose of RSS feeds from somewhere 😉 !

    People have shifted away from blogs and RSS to things like Twitter and Facebook and so I suppose the demise of GR was inevitable (Google Groups is probably next for the chop) but it was (a) so much easier to organise and (b) so much less likely to inform you about trivia.

  3. Thanks for that one, Kate.

    Love that Scott Stein tweet: "Google Reader is to Twitter as a well-labeled filing cabinet is to a bag of insane cats" !!!

  4. More from LifeHacker on the subject of the best alternatives

  5. I access Google Reader via Gmail and notice that it's even been removed from the dropdown menu. If anyone can't find it any longer, the address is:

  6. Hi Tom!
    I've been using Google Reader since you showed it to me at the teacher's course last July and it has been great. So, what's the best alternative now? I agree with you that it cannot be compared to twitter.

  7. Hi Mireia!

    I've not really made up my mind yet on what I'm going to use instead (probably GR until about mid June!).

    I don't like either or them as much but I've seen lots of recommendations for Feedly and TheOldReader, and those are the two I've been looking at.

    For some sites, those that offer it, I've also subscribed by email and already unsubscribed their GR feed.

    Feedly is probably the one I'd pick if I had to do so today…

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