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The ribbon: understanding it is vital to using Word 2007… See below for explanation

Some of the people I work with are finding it tough to get used to working with Word 2007. If you are similarly challenged, here are some tutorials you might find useful…

If even finding Word is challenging enough, it might be worth starting here, with the basics of Vista 2007.

Two things to start with

There are two important things you need to do to get started. One is to get the hang of using the ribbon.

You use the ribbon to navigate your different tools — it replaces the drop-down menus you were used to. You need to click the tabs to access the different groups of tools: in the image (above) we're currently in the home tab (red arrow); you need to click the other tabs (black arrows) to access other tools.

The second important thing is to realise that some of the things you want (like "save as") are hidden behind that button, "A" in the image below. Click that, and you do get a drop-down menu ("B"). That's got to be the FAQ I answer most often…

The button: Ah-hah! So that's where it's hidden!

If you'd rather have a text-based tutorial than video, here's one on getting started with Word 2007.

Look on Google and you'll find lots more tutorials

Somewhere else worth going — rather than Google — when you are trying to get your head round technology is YouTube, where you'll find some great tutorials. Here's a very simple one on using the Word 2007 ribbon

And TeacherTube is another place I'd go… Lots of Word 2007 video tutorials there too.

Go get yourself used to it
Word 2007 is not really that complicated, or so very different — once you get used to it.

I'd suggest that getting the hang of Word 2007 is a bit like driving a new car, or using a new digital camera: you've got to make just a little bit of effort yourself to get used to it. Get your head round "the ribbon", and you're away…

Finding technology tutorials
How did I find all of these things? See the first comment (below) for some search tips.

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  1. Finding technology tutorials

    Tip #1
    Most of the tutorials mentioned I found on Google. My searches included "101 Word 2007" and "Word 2007 tutorial" (no quote marks). No matter what bit of technology you are trying to understand, adding "101" or "tutorial" will often give you the sort of page you wanted, "101" meaning the absolute basic, beginner's class.

    Tip #2
    Having got as far as my search results pages, I quickly scan the first 5-10 results before clicking any of them. I ignore anything I suspect is trying to sell something and — in a case like this — I'm looking for particularly for a US college, as they have some great tutorials designed for their students, and great too for people like yourself. Here's an example…

    See that result from Yes, that's a US college…

    Tip #3
    Knowing what some of the alternatives to Google are (About, YouTube, TeacherTube…), and actually trying them instead, is also one of the keys to getting good search results.

    Tip #4
    And of course you could go to the obvious place for information on this one, one which people always seem to forget: Microsoft.

    They've got a great Word 2007 help section… No, really!

    Tip #5
    And the fastest, most efficient way to find out how to do something with whatever technology is to ask someone that knows…

    If you work with me, I'm on 216 or 219.

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