One for young learners: GoAnimate… at home

For those of you coming to my session at the Macmillan Teachers' Day in Zaragoza this coming Saturday, this is one of the tools I'll be mentioning…

Like it? Create your own at

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It's one of those tools your learners will love and — as I'll be suggesting — one of those tools you the teacher don't need to know all about.

If you suggest it to your learners, possibly as homework, possibly to your fast finishers and/or to those in very mixed ability classes with a much higher level of English, I think you'll be amazed by the results.

You might want to suggest that the animations are kept private and then displayed only in class, a solution that could also be adopted if you are uploading videos to YouTube.  Privacy, as I'll also be suggesting, is a big issue with young learners.

Note the GoAnimate for Schools version, if you want full access and are willing to pay for it.

See also Two more your young learners will enjoy creating animations with are Voki and ZimmerTwins.

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