Would you mind if I take a photo of you?

… and could you take one of us, too?

Here's a small project suggested to me by a colleague, Susana Ortiz, who got her students to take their mobile phones out into the street to take pictures.

They'd been practising making requests and asking for permission, and what they had to do was, in pairs, (1) ask a complete stranger if s/he would mind taking a photo of them, and then (2) ask another complete stranger if s/he would mind if they took a photo — of the stranger.

Foreign students learning Spanish in Barcelona, they then returned to class to report back how they'd got on (no, none of them got themselves punched, though in most cases they had to explain what it was for, and they did get quite a few "no way's" before they got their pictures!).

What do you think of it as a project…?

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  1. Below are the comments from 3 of you that didn't get posted properly yesterday… It's something that can go wrong with blogging and very frustrating for students. I suggest copying the comments to Word (or writing them there first), before posting — just in case!

    Saving students' work is an absolutely vital aspect of using technology….

    The comments (when I realised they hadn't been posted I went and found one of the group and made a few quick notes before the comments were forgotten…):

    You said:
    –We did need the technology for this one — it would have been impossible without.

    –It made us think more about what we were saying: because we were talking to real people, what we were saying mattered.

    –It was a lot of fun.

  2. "what we were saying mattered…"

    That's a good thing, surely! Does what you do in pairwork matter? Not really… Who cares really about the result?

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