Zoomblog vs Blogger

Among the advantages of Zoomblogs over Blogger:

  • the availability of categories (so that you can navigate the content on a blog by theme, not just by chronological order)
  • the choice of 3 different levels of expertise
  • it uses terms anyone can understand — "blog address" rather than the technical "URL", for example
  • the "editor" (the bit where you write) is slightly more user-friendly than on Blogger (except for images, see below)
  • you can make a back-up copy of your blog
  • the fact that it is not owned by Google-is-Evil

Advantages of Blogger over Zoomblog:

  • if you are going to be uploading a lot of images (and images undoubtedly make a blog more interesting), Blogger is easier to use
  • the Blogger "help" file is much better — indeed there is no FAQs or single help file on Zoomblog (though each section has minimal help), a huge oversight
  • Blogger offers you a "delete format" button which is handy when your paste text from somewhere else and it looks "wrong" (because you also pasted in the format, font type etc)
  • Blogger is bigger and better maintained; in 4 years it's never given me a serious problem — in 4 weeks Zoomblogs has, and there are several blog service providers that have temporarily, at least, stopped service
  • Blogger also gives you better privacy, if that's important to you

Which should you choose?
I'd suggest Blogger if you want to include lots of images and want something really robust, Zoomblog if categories are important to you (which is why I shifted this blog from Blogger).

Another good free option is a blog at edublogs.org, also very easy to set up and giving you the option of setting up a wiki, too, besides also being a service for teachers. There is also eslblogs.org, specifically for ESL students.

Just out is a blogging service from Yahoo (still in its trial version). It's dead easy to use, but very limited in what it offers you if personalising your look (etc) is important to you. You want something really simple? This might be what you're after!

The professional alternative (not for the beginner!) is Word Press and they now provide a (limited) free service, which I can recommend. You get categories and the possibility of (new) "pages" (not just always posting on the same one) but virtually no possibility of editing the appearance of your blog — unless you go for the professional one. You can also import a blog from Blogger, complete with comments!

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  1. This blog, note, was originally on Blogger…

    I then switched it to Zoomblog, in order to be able to have different "categories" for posts…

    When it was decided to incorporate it into the Teacher Training Department website, however, I switched back to Blogger — because the latter allows a blog to be published on your own server (ie. this blog appears on ihes.com, not on blogspot.com).

  2. Note that now, if you use Blogger Beta, you now get categories (or labels, as Blogger prefers to call them) there as well…

  3. Zoomblog was good. Fast, easy, email with images publishing (moblogging).

    Unfortunately there is no support, no news features (like recent posts links) and moblogging does not work.

  4. It's a while now since I've used Zoomblog — as I switched back to Blogger almost as soon as the latter brought in categories (aka labels).

    Of the two, I'd definitely now have to recommend Blogger.

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