One for young learners: how animals eat their food

Here's one your young learners will be amused by and an idea that would make a fabulous video project for them (though their parents might not thank you for it!).

To get the most language out of it, you'd want probably teens with a intermediate level of English or above, as you're probably going to get language practice out of brainstorming and discussing ideas and in having someone be the director of the filming than you are in the actual filming itself.

You might want to keep each animal as a separate clip, with Vine (which gives you just 6 seconds) being one possible tool — assuming you have at least one iPhone or iPad available.

A colleague had learners who (not as a class project!) created a hilarious collection of YouTube videos (now regrettably removed!) of things that could be done with a crema catalana in a Chinese restaurant (!!!). Your learners could film how particular animals eat particular food products (MacDonalds' fries?).

Alternatively, in pre-YouTube days, I got a lot of mileage out of Horrible Recipes (it was Halloween). Filming those would also make a neat little film project, perhaps with suitable props and costumes.

For filming, mobile phones could be used (and possibly shared only there, on the phones) and you can also upload videos to YouTube privately.

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