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I originally chose rather than for this blog to some extent because Zoomblog offers a particular tool that doesn't have (yet), namely categories.

Without categories, you can only really navigate a blog chronologically. With categories, you can also navigate via author-defined subjects (blogs and blogging, the introduction session itself, muddiest points were three that I set up).

As on, a Zoomblog account is remarkably easy to set up…

Step 1: Choose "Start a blog now"
Go to, ignore anything you don't understand, and hit that button!

Step 2: Choose your "level of expertise" — easy, intermediate or expert

Basically, "easy" means you don't get all the options — I'd recommend you go for "expert" (even if you are not!): you can always change if you find all the different options confusing.

Step 3: Fill in the form…
I suggest that you stay with a password that you already use, say, on your Yahoo or Hotmail account, as it will then be easier to remember.

At this point you'll have to wait for Zoomblog to send you a confirmation link — which will go to the email address you fill in above.

Step 4: Start your blog
Think of a subject that interests you — fishing or crochet or bike mechanics, it doesn't matter want — that goes in the blog title (the first field, above).

The important field is the "blog name/address" — that's where you will go to actually view the blog once it's online. No spaces in it.

The other field that is important is "who can read this blog". Pick something other than the default "everyone" if you are concerned about privacy.

Personally, I'd suggest making it private at first (you can change later), at least until there's something there worth reading.

Step 5: "Format and style"
You then have to choose what is called a "template", which determines what all of your pages will look like. Click one of the buttons to make your selection.

Step 6: Create your blog
Hit the "create blog" button at the foot of the page to do so — it's really that simple.

Step 7: Your first post
If you chose "Expert" your editor looks as shown above. Click "publish" to create your first post.

If all those options look confusing, and you want to change your settings, clicking "Level" allows you to go back to "Easy" (shown below), or Intermediate.

For the sake of comparison, here you can see the Zoomblog version of this blog (no longer maintained).

In October 2006, I switched back to in order to be able to publish on our own server (

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  1. I tried opening a blog here but get this error message when I try to continue to step two:

    ERROR: No fee specified

    The fee for this blog was zero or unspecified

    Please, go back to the previous page.

    I've sent an email to zoomblog but have as yet received no reply. ¿ any ideas ?

  2. Not sure there Stewart… This is a very old post, and it's a very long time since I used Zoomblog.

    For power and ease-of-use, I'd highly recommend Blogger.

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