Another brilliant video for class discussion

Thanks to Karen for this one, which I think is wonderful for sparking class discussion: fabulous with teens and probably also if you have classes of young adults of university age.

For class, I like to adhere to a strict, self-imposed "no photocopies" rule. Do we actually need a photocopied listening "exercise" with material this good?

Watch, and then get your learners to — individually — summarise what is being said. Then put them into pairs or threes to compare notes, before watching again and then producing a (collaborative) written summary of what is said in a maximum of 120 words, as a starting point for class discussion (which could be continued outside class on something like Edmodo).

As a follow-up, possibly with a short oral presentation by each group, have the learners propose radical alternatives for education… which could alternatively be done as a piece of formal writing if you're teaching for Cambridge exams.

Note that you can have "captions on" for subtitles in English if your learners find it hard to follow what is said.

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  1. Another one, also from Karen, who shared it with me on an Edmodo group we're both in:

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