Links landing in my mail box

All of the following links came to me via the excellent Developing Monthly Newsletter for July.

  • 50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do, which might make a great discussion topic before your learners ever look at the site: Can they brainstorm their own list…? Once they get to the site, How many did they correctly predict…? And once they do get there, they'll find some fascinating reading
  • The story of Jamie Livingston, who took a polaroid every day until the day he died, which (though you might want to limit it to, say, 30 days) would make a great project if you had a class blog — get your learners to take the picture, in other words, and publish them together with a suitable, accompanying text describing the picture
  • I was less impressed by, which has games, jokes, vocab lists, worksheets and so on, though you might find things you could use.

The difference between the first two, above, and StickyBall is an important one, I think: in the first two cases, you would be getting your students to do things. In the latter case, it would be you downloading, printing and photocopying, to a considerable extent. Doing will produce learning, photocopying is much less likely to, if you ask me.

Don't go looking for things on the Internet, I always say: have things come to you. The DT Monthly Newsletter always brings lot…

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