Technology assistants: help is at hand

Toni Walton Atela (15) tells his sister (12) about a job he's volunteered for at school — being a "technology assistant".

You're getting hot and sweaty in front of your class, trying to get a PowerPoint presentation to open on the beastly piece of junk that masquerades as a computer (which seems to work fine for other people…)? If you were teaching in my sons's school, help would be sitting there in the classroom next door…

It might not work as well in a language school (with kids there only a couple of hours a week) but, if you work in a "normal" secondary school, it takes some of the pressure off the teacher. You're not that good with technology…? You're afraid it's not going to work…? Get some help…!

And it puts the responsibility on the kids. Now, that's got to be a good thing, too…

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