How do you set up a blog (with

Setting up your Blogger account is very easy, but I've provided the screenshots below to guide you through the process.

Step 1: Take a quick tour
First of all you have to go to and create a new account. Remember when you set up your Hotmail or Yahoo account? Well, this is pretty much the same.

To give you an idea of what blogging involves, you might "take a quick tour" first. Choose that link (shown above).

To set up your account, click where it says "Create your account now" (also shown above).

Step 2: Set up your account
The first screen you get is shown above. Your "user name" and "password" you could make the same as what you are using on Yahoo, or wherever — which makes it easy to remember them.

Your "display name" is what it says when you post to a blog (what appears on the webpage). Under what you write it will automatically say "posted by" and whatever name you have chosen. I suggest you use your own preferred first name, with a capital letter. My "display name" is Tom, for example.

Accept the "terms" and then click "continue"…

Set 3: Give your blog a name
The next screen looks like the one above. For a first blog, I suggest that you choose one of your hobbies and use that as the "blog title" (you can always change it later, or create a completely new blog) — "Mountain biking in Spain", for example.

You'll see another example below — "Jumping up and down on the bed", my favourite sport when I was a kid!

The "blog address" is the address you will have to go to to see your blog. Don't put any spaces in it — "mountainbikingspain", for example.

Step 4: Choose a template
You then have to choose a "template" (screen shown above). The template controls what your blog looks like. You don't get many choices, and you can change your mind afterwards (and will in fact then get more choices).

I suggest you choose whichever you think is least horrible!

Click "continue", and then you'll get this:

Step 5: Sit back and watch
"Your blog has been created" (above). It really is that simple!

Step 6: Create your first post
Now you can start "posting" to your newly created blog. The interface is shown above, with lots of those buttons probably already being familiar to you:

You will need to write something in order to be able to actually view the blog, and have to click "publish post" (not shown above) first. You also get a "save as draft" button, which allows you to save what you've written and post it later.

Your "Dashboard"
One final thing… Top right, you'll see a link "Back to Dashboard" (circled above).

Your dashboard shows you all of your blogs — you can have lots of them — and you can access and edit them from the dashboard.

My "dashboard" (I would click — for example — "Young Learners" to edit my Young Learners blog, circled):

There's more to learn about blogs, of course — but the best way to do that is to try a blog out for yourself…

>> Go to in order to set an account (and blog) up for yourself

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  1. Note that if you are setting up a blog at you will now be using "Blogger Beta".

    Set up is virtually identical — what you get once it has been set up is rather more sophisticated…

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