Top ten tips for starting with Edmodo

Edmodo Help: an answer to just about every question you could ask…

Here are my top ten tips for language teachers starting out with Edmodo, my favourite Web 2.0 tool for use with learners.

  1. DO obtain parental permission if you are using it with young learners, even though it is private
  2. DO get yourself some practice first before using it with learners (setting up a group and exploring it with either friends and family or with colleagues is a great idea)
  3. DO establish groundrules for your learners at the start (no bullying, nothing offensive posted or said, you're NOT going to correct everything…)
  4. DO have alerts ON to send new posts and comments to your email, just in case
  5. DO tag posts so that they are more "findable", and don't get so lost in the stream
  6. DON'T moderate comments (but see 3, above) as it interrupts any interaction and debate
  7. DON'T even think about trying to correct everything
  8. DO have the learners responsible for posting and commenting and sharing and debating: it shouldn't be you posting everything and them simplying (not?) replying to your posts; you shouldn't be using it just to post (yet more!) exercises
  9. DO know where to find HELP (the Edmodo Help centre is great!)
  10. DON'T use it simultaneously with ALL the classes you teach (especially not at first!)

Most of these come from my own experience of using Edmodo, but thanks also to all the friends and colleagues who have provided feedback, with a special "thanks" to Kate, Alex and Kay.

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  1. Any many of these I'd also apply to virtually any Web 2.0 tools that you might use with learners — blogs, for example.

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