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Online learning: to get the most out of it, you need to enjoy participating in (and learning from) the discussion…

Someone on our support group for our ex-CELTA course trainees asked me the other day about one of our online ELT courses, particularly about the teaching young learners course: "How do they work?" and "Do you need experience or to actually be teaching young learners?" were two of the doubts.

In the case of these particular IH courses, you don't have to have any experience of teaching young learners or actually be teaching them at the time — though both will help. In a number of the modules there are things for you to "try out" with your learners and then "report back" to the online forum. So, if you do have some experience and can do that, then you'll probably get more out of our courses.

On these and just about any other online course worth the name, the forums are important. The more you (and your classmates) participate in them, the more you learn…

Is online learning for you…?
Online learning probably isn't for everyone (I've done online learning myself as a student, and loved it — but I certainly had classmates who hated the experience).

You've probably got to be the sort of person who prefers not to be spoon-fed in ordered fashion by a teacher, who enjoys arguing a point and feels that you can actually learn from that process…

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