Redesign your classroom

Love this video, and the idea behind it, which comes from the excellent Edutopia (via the equally excellent MindShift).

With or without actually showing the video to students, the idea of redesigning your classroom makes a great language classroom task.

Surveying people on what they'd like (Google Docs forms are wonderful); collaborating on creating the redesign (a shared Google Drive document is again great for that); and an oral presentation to the class (backed up with a shared Google Drive presentation, PowerPoint, Prezi…); followed by discussion of which is the best idea (an Edmodo poll and comments…) are some of the ways your learners could use technology to create their redesign.

All you'd then need would be the funding ;-)!

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  1. Maybe better if you teach in a "real" school, not a language school and the kids are in the classroom all day for a variety of subjects?? Just a thought! Un beso, K.

  2. Yes, you're probably right there, Kate. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Where they might want different things for different subjects, it probably makes it more challenging (a good thing!).

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