A fun photo for a creative writing project

OMG! It's Norbert! | Photo: Tom Walton

As the starting point for a creative, collaborative writing task, to be done in pairs or threes by intermediate level teens (or above), I suggested the above photo to trainees on our current CELTA course; the photo having been taken in the street out back of IH Barcelona.

An interesting photo accompanied by some thought-provoking questions is a good means of (in class) generating ideas (and vocabulary) that can then be written up (possibly outside class) as a story. I like learners to do the writing in pairs or threes, not individually, as it leads to so much more interaction.

The questions suggested:

(1) What is the green "thing's" name?
(2) Is it a person?
(3) Why is it green?
(4) Why is it being carried?
(5) Why is the kid in the pink shirt reacting like that?
(6) How does the kid know the green "thing"?

For writing and sharing the stories, my choice would be an Edmodo group, though a class blog or shared Google Drive documents would also work.

To get the maximum possible out of the activity, sharing and commenting on each others' work is a vital stage, and Edmodo is again ideal for that.

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