Halloween photos on mobile phones

Image: Barcelona tobacconist's window, taken to show students as an example

Here's a project that seems to be going down well: having teens compete to see who can take the best Halloween themed pictures on their mobile phones.

They're sharing them in lots of places (Facebook, Twitter, via WhatsApp…) though where they're supposed to be 😉 sharing and commenting on them is on the Edmodo group set up for the class. 25 people have so far posted 47, which is great, though the amount of commenting has been a bit disappointing so far (perhaps we needed to insist on it more?).

After next weekend (when lots are going to Halloween parties where they're supposed to take more photos), the idea is for the learners to discuss and award prizes for the funniest, scariest, cutest… etc,

Thanks to Kate for trying the idea out!

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  1. A LOT of fun but as you say, not too many "replies" so maybe not a huge amount of English getting used (so far ;-)! Un beso, K.

  2. Nice idea – and also a good source of practice for those FCE/ CAE 'picture describing' tasks perhaps!

  3. Yes, you certainly could use the pix for that, Nicola.

    I also wonder if we couldn't make them into a story of some kind, a bit like this one.

  4. It's also still not too late to edit pix with Halloween effects using one of my favourite online tools, Pixlr Express.

    A minute or two there per photo can make such a difference.

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