What can you do with a blog?

A blog is the simplest, fastest way to create a website, either for yourself or for use with students.

A blog also has an important added bonus: it's possibly also the fastest way to becoming confident about using technology.

Some of the advantages of a blog:

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use (with great "Help!" files, apart from anything elese, at least on blogger.com)
  • Looks professional
  • Can be used to communicate
  • Gives a purpose to writing
  • Allows things to be shared
  • Good for motivation

What could you use a blog for?

  • As a purely personal diary, or for some other personal purpose (photographs? travel? recipes?)
  • For the purposes of professional development (to reflect on your teaching…)
  • As a means of giving your confidence about using technology a huge boost
  • For providing your students with something to read / do
  • etc

You can also have a "team blog", with more than one member, which you could use with colleagues…

  • For sharing ideas that work
  • For action research
  • etc

And you could of course have your students write them, too…

  • Individually, as "learner diaries"
  • For creative writing projects
  • As a class blog, in which all of the class are members
  • etc

You will find step-by-step instructions on how to set a blog up on Blogger.com and on Zoomblog.com here on this blog.

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