PowerPoint and the printer are not ICT!

Venn diagram: Things I wish I could teach people

Here's one from a recent session on a CELTA course, drawn on the (non-interactive) whiteboard.

Using Powerpoint, the printer and the photocopier may give you the (false) impression that you're using technology in your classes, but that's in fact not really the case.

You could make a (very tenuous) case that PowerPoint is communicative but, really, none of those evil 3 Ps could really be classed as 21st century information and communications technology (ICT).

Instead of you using PowerPoint, if your learners were sharing and colloborating on creating Google Drive presentations, that would be the way to go.

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  1. OK but what about sites like Slide share? There's some amazing stuff there communicating really complex stuff in amazing ways.

  2. Yes, you're right, Rach. but I wonder whether in a language class it's a question of getting stunning ideas across in novel ways? We're "selling" the present perfect not the latest model of iphone, or whatever.

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