Success with technology: sharing photos taken on phones

Landed in my lunch

Look what landed in my lunch!

A bit more spring cleaning here, with an idea I tried out with a private class of three teens a couple of years ago…

This one started out as a joke, after I posed this butterfly (not a real one!) on the Camembert sandwich I was making in the staffroom for my lunch. I photographed it with my phone and WhatsApped it to my teens. There was no task involved, it just seemed at the time like something that might amuse them — which it did.

They sent back photos of their lunches (I didn't ask them to) and we did get a certain amount of language out of the exchange (probably more so the next time we met for class, when we commented further on their lunches, face-to-face).

Having a WhatsApp group for a class: probably the most successful thing I've done with technology in the last few years

But probably as much as any language that came out of it, what we got from the sharing of photos was our starting to gel as a group, who were going to do things together (something they were initially a little reluctant to do).

For that reason, both from my own experience and that of friends and colleagues (and thanks once again particularly to Kim and Esther), something as simple as having a WhatsApp group for a class is probably the most successful thing I've done with technology in the last few years.

You might not want to do it with all of your classes, obviously!

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