Change the default start page on your browser

When you open Internet Explorer (IE) — or Firefox, or whatever browser you are using — by default it will open at a particular page. What page it opens on is something you can change.

I always have my browser open at Yahoo UK, partly because that takes me to my e-mail but partly also because the news headlines often contain interesting stories (often bizarre, fun stories) that I then copy and save for use in class. "Goat crowned king of Ireland", "Mobile phones for dogs" — the headlines make you (and your learners) want to read, and that must be a good thing.

How do you change your default start page?

Assuming that you are using IE, actually go to the page you want; then pick Tools >> Internet Options (see image, above); and then click "Use current". Then next time you open IE, you will return to your page automatically.

If you are using Firefox, do the same thing: go to the page; pick Tools >> Options; and you will find "Use current pages" under the "General" tab.

Have things come to you
Doing that, watching for those interesting stories out of the corner of your eye, is one way to have things come to you, rather than going looking for them. "Don't search!" would always be my advice on using the Internet.

For learners, I always recommend that they have their browser open either at Yahoo UK or at the BBC World Service — and then spend 5 minutes (every time they log on!) picking one item that looks interesting to them and reading it. 5 minutes extra reading practise a day — great for your English!

As you can just make out in the second image, above, the BBC World Service has the added advantage of a 5 minute audio news (and sport, and business) bulletin. 5 minutes extra listening practice too!

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  1. One of the things I like about Firefox is that you can have it open at more than one homepage.

    Separate the URLs by a vertical line, and they will open in a series of tabs.

    Mine, for example, begin as follows: | | |

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