Task #1: A single image with text

A single digital image plus text

This was the first of the easy, fun, meaningful tasks I suggested in my talk today at the annual IH Barcelona ELT Conference.

I highlighted the importance of the things in red on my slide, above:

  • The learners taking photographs of things of personal value to themselves (a watch, a necklace…) — something that they care about
  • The tasks being done with a partner, your partner taking the photo and writing the text about your object, and vice-versa — so that learners interact meaningfully in English
  • The photo itself — the end-product that is being created
  • The text — which will afford more opportunities for meaningful interaction to take place
  • The sharing of the texts and images — creating something to look back at and be proud of

Sharing images
For sharing the images and text you could use the classroom noticeboard (which is certainly the simplest); or Flickr (which is also very easy); or a blog (which is also very easy to set up [how]).

The problem with Flickr would be including the text, but you could go for an image and a short oral presentation.

My personal recommendation would be a class blog, with Blogger.com being among the best choices for setting your blog up.

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