A card reader for getting photos off a camera

Don't have the right cable? You want a card reader…

Someone asked during my workshop the other day how problematic obtaining photographs off digital cameras was likely to be if, as I had suggested, some of your learners bring their own cameras but forget to bring the appropriate cable with them.

You download photos from a digital camera by connecting the camera to a USB port (the same slot you put a USB memory drive into, that is). Cables for most digital cameras are fairly standard but a card reader (approx. cost 12-20 euros) is sometimes useful — and very easy to use.

You simply remove the memory card ("A" in the photo, above) from its slot on the camera ("B") and place it in the right slot in the card reader ("C"). In most cases you are probably using an "SD card", which — not surprisingly — goes into the "SD" slot.

All you then have to do is plug the cable ("D") into the USB port on your computer and then either view the photos directly from the card or else download the pictures on to the computer.

That is possibly the easiest way to share photos with a class and the same can be done directly from the camera, if you do have the appropriate cable.

If you have a projector and can turn the photos into a literally wall-sized image (simply by clicking on them), your learners can then orally "present" photos that they have taken, in class, for homework, of their families, from their holidays…

You could do the same with your photos, but photos the learners have taken themselves are surely much more meaningful to them…

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