How good do teachers need to be with technology?

For reasons I won't get into now, I needed to remind myself how to create a presentation using Prezi, the zooming, "bold reinvention of presentation software".

To do so, I took one idea that had seemed to go down well when scribbled on a whiteboard in a recent workshop and put it into Prezi (without doing too much zooming, which is the way to prevent Death by Prezi).

What do you think?
As teachers, as 21st century educators, do we need to be experts with technology, a bit geeky, people who know how to operate technology in all shapes and forms?

Or can we get away with being frankly a bit "hopeless" with it — technologically challenged, if you prefer?

Please, do leave your comments…

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  1. As noted, no likeness is intended with my real sister ;-)!

    Having drawn it with a board marker in one session, I then drew it on the IWB and used the coversheet to hide all but the question and the two illustrations shown here and got the trainees to answer the question before revealing who the two people were; and then their "qualities" and "defects" (not that I think those terms apply here).

    Fun to see how they wanted to backtrack and claim that "grumpy old man" was meant "nicely" 😉 !

    I've used the same simple "matrix" idea in business English classes discussing candidates for jobs.

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