The kind of image you want for class

One I retweeted earlier, from the amazing (on Twitter as @500px):

I never use Google Images to look for images to use in class, but see so many great images by following people like 500px on Twitter. If you "favourite" them on Twitter, you don't need to bother downloading them and can access them big! If you then display them with a projector rather than with an A4 photocopy, you'll get people to say so much more — because they can see it better.

Both for speaking and for writing activities, you want images that suggest multiple questions to the observer, images that suggest multiple possible, imaginable stories.

That's the kind of image that is worth 1,000 words — because it will then get your learners to actually say those thousands of words.

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  1. Possible questions (but get your learners to come up with their own…!)

    What's the kid's name…?
    What's the teddy bear's name…?
    What time of day is it…?
    Where does the track lead to and from…?
    What is the kid thinking…?
    Where is the kid going…?
    Where is the kid's Mum…?
    Does the kid's Mum know where the kid is…?

    Tell the story, collaboratively (with a partner/partners), orally or in writing…

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