Writing prompt: what is in this man's dreams?

Here's one I posted to Twitter earlier this week, with the photo one I'd taken of street art in the district of Poble Nou, here in Barcelona.

I don't get to teach English these days as I often as I'd like to, so I was grateful to Kim for lending me her class for an hour to try this out.

Keeping materials to a minimum, with an image that suggests multiple possible stories, plus a couple of lead-in questions (see tweet, above), always seems to work with no matter what age and in all levels above approx. B1.

With this particularly group (teens B1/B2), the original idea was to get them to write the stories, but I went instead with Kim's advice: doing it all orally and then recording the "finished" stories (we used the Spreaker app, on Kim's phone).

The learners looked at the photo above, plus another which showed the whole body (most probably intended to be of a homeless person sleeping on a bench or on the pavement); noted the questions; and they then had 6m 21s to produce a first draft — because that was how long this piece of music lasts…


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  1. It was fun and they liked it (and loved Spreaker) but I still think the choice of music was just wrong. I told you teens don't listen to or like Van Morrison :-)!

  2. It was a bit of a random choice Kim, but there was ONE kid that liked it!

    Picked it partly because at 6+ mins it gave them long enough to do the first task.

    It wasn't intended but there was also the pair that thought they had to link the two, the photo and the video, which turned out to make quite an interesting story.

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