Great site for kids: National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids: goofy but great

This one actually comes from one of my favourite web design sites, A List Apart, which suggested National Geographic Kids as an example of a site that "focuses on clarity (…) even if the site is also goofy" [>> article].

Now it may seem a bit goofy if you're an adult but if you happen to be a kid "goofy" probably isn't your reaction when you read "Ruins, Romans and the world's best pizza". And the videos, games, activities (etc., etc.)… why, they look like fun, which is maybe how learning should look!

Sure, I'm a kid: yeah, maybe I am a bit goofy but I also know what kind of website I like!

If you happen to be teaching kids, or doing CLIL [>> more about CLIL], it's your kids' kind of site…

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  1. Looks good. I'd be interested to hear how teachers use it. I also wonder how long it will be before they have an EFL section, now they are publishing graded readers in partnership with an ELT publisher (Heinle??)

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