Links from workshop session February 20th

Below, the links to the various tools mentioned in the workshop session this morning, with more to come in the next few days.

In alphabetical order:

We looked at the following "easy, fun, generic, productive tasks with technology", with the links below taking you to previous posts here on my blog on those topics:

Also of interest:

Coming next week, some of the actual tasks we looked at in the session…

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  1. I took (anon.) "muddiest points" at the end of the session, most of which I'll also respond to in the next week or so, also here on this blog.

    Someone said "I need a lot of [time] to research all these resources…"

    Can I suggest that "all" is the wrong way to look at it. I try to pack as many take-away ideas as possible into a session but don't think you want or can try "all" of them out.

    My suggestion would be that you ask "Which two or three sound as if they'd work with my learners?" (possibly with some adaptation to your local circumstances).

    Start with (only) those — that's sufficient!

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