A good teacher: someone who…

To provide an example of what podcasting involves, in the session on our CELTA course last week, you had to finish the phrase "A good teacher is someone who…"

In order to put (or "embed") the mp3 file here, I've first uploaded the file on to Divshare.com, which has then provided me with the code which I've pasted into a new post here on the blog. It gives me 5GB of (free) storage space for media files.

I've used other alternatives to Divshare in the past, am just slightly worried about the risk of storing them there but — because it's so easy to use — like it a lot, and am grateful to Merce Barrull, who did a course with me in July, for suggesting it.

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  1. My favourite (dunno who said it): "A good teacher makes the learners happy it's Monday" ,-) ! Un beso, K.

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