OneStopCLIL: resources and courses for CLIL teachers

Onestopclil: The Resource Bank for CLIL Teachers

You're probably already familiar with, the Macmillan resources site (lesson plans, worksheets, flashcards, etc…), which modestly claims to be "the world's number one resource site for English language teachers" (though you'll need to subscribe for full access, which costs €52 pa for individual membership).

OneStopEnglish has a younger sibling, one year old this month, OneStopCLIL, which also requires subscription for full access, but has sufficient free resources on it to be useful, and to tempt you (or your school) to make a small, worthwhile investment.

If you are teaching or going to be teaching CLIL [define], you may also be interested in our online CLIL course, the first edition of which starts October 19.

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  1. CLIL is now an optional module on TKT.

    Among the resources on the Cambridge ESOL site (first link, above), is an extensive CLIL glossary.

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