Fun with WordMagnets

WordMagnets: color them, size them, add more, drag and drop them…

One that comes from Nik Peachey's excellent Learning Technology Blog

Nik suggests that you could use WordMagnets as a tool for Revising Short Texts and Syntax, on a computer and/or on an interactive whiteboard.

WordMagnets is free, doesn't require installation and enables you to copy and paste (or type in your own) short texts — which are then converted into drag-and-drop "fridge magnets".

Apart from Nik's great ideas, the variety of simple "backgrounds" you can choose from would allow for the creation of simple exercises and games… Shown above, an example with two overlapping circles, which took me exactly 1 minute to create.

You certainly could use it with an interactive whiteboard — but it would also work well if you have a computer room on which students could work in pairs creating exercises for each other…

(As Nik notes, regrettably you can't save your creations — but they are real fast to create… You could take a screenshot, as I did, but you'll then lose all interactivity.)

But that's fun…!

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  1. Update: Word Magnets is now Triptico, now does require download and installation, but is much improved.

  2. Here's a recent video of how to create an exercise, which gives you a fair idea.

    YouTube is always a good place to look at new tools!

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