YouTube and the IWB

If you are coming to my workshop on using the interactive whiteboard (IWB) this morning, you'll be seeing these two YouTube videos…

With the first (above), I suggest not telling anyone that is an ad and just watching the first 35 seconds before pausing. You will also need to warn anyone already familiar with the video from blurting out what it is (and/or what it's an ad for).

I've no doubt your learners will find plenty to say about it (on parenting, etc.). You don't actually need an IWB, of course, to watch YouTube videos, but you might productively use one to feed in any language that emerges from the discussion.

Having revealed that it is an ad, and what it's for, you might then use the IWB to have the students brainstorm a list of what makes a good ad.

You can use an IWB to import text and images but you can also export things that have been created on it. In the workshop, I suggested, for example, exporting such a list to a class blog, where the discussion could continue and on which your learners could post further great ads.

In common with the first advertisment, it's just possible that people might find the second slightly objectionable…

… which in turn would lead to further discussion, and more emerging language.

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