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Some of the links that I provided on the handout in the workshop I gave today on using the interactive whiteboard (IWB)…

ELT publishers are starting to produce digital versions of their coursebooks (for use with or without an IWB). Two examples:

There are numerous sites where you download things for use on the IWB:

It could be that if you doing CLIL, such things might be ideal; but, as I suggested — believing as I do in a "materials-light" Dogme approach to language teaching — I really have my serious doubts about such sites.

You've heard of Death by PowerPoint…? Take a materials-heavy approach to using the IWB and I think you're risking something very similar. The more materials, the more passive and bored your students will become…

What you really want is active students and a fairly inactive whiteboard!

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  1. Sounds like you have the same attitude as me:

    which is refreshing from a Tech blog!

  2. From your article, yes, I think so, Alex.

    Your comment made me wonder… Is "Tech ELT Blog" really "a Tech blog"? Perhaps the title I've been using all this time is misleading!

    I don't really see it as a technology blog but more as a blog on how to use technology in ELT for the purposes of language learning (as opposed to just using the technology for its own sake).

  3. A couple more… There are also digital versions of Cutting Edge and the New English File iPack.

    They are fabulous for their audio and video materials (the same as what comes with your printed version, but there's no more desperately searching for the right track on the CD, or having to start it from the beginning, when you just want to replay a particular section or phrase…

    But I've really got my doubts about digital coursebooks: are they going to make the class more teacher- and IWB- centred…?

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