Business English, links and books

Some of the ELT publishers have useful resources for teaching Business English on their websites — including MacMillan (at OneStopEnglish)…

There are also interesting Business English resources on the OUP site.

You will also find things of interest (notably a Business English blog) on — which stands for Technology for Business English.

There's another (horribly designed) Business English blog here.

The wonderfully named "Business Balls" site has "free materials, articles, and ideas for ethical personal and organizational development", which anyone teaching Business English may find useful.

You will find a fuller list of Business English links on the IH Barcelona website, including primary sources like the BBC and Financial Times.

In your mail box
The discussion forum of the Business English SIG (Special Interest Group) will bring things of interest to your mailbox. The group also has an interesting links page and is part of IATEFL.

MacMillan has a Business English site which, among other things, will send you a weekly Business English lesson plan.

Don't search — have things come to you…! More links to stuff in your mailbox here on this blog.

Business English basics
On our Celta Course website there's a brief introduction to teaching Business English. But never turn to the Web if the information is readily available to you in a book, I would say.

The Web can be useful if you are looking for authentic materials for your Business English class but if it's how to teach Business English, then there are a couple of good books on the subject that are well worth reading.

  • Teaching Business English, Mark Ellis and Christine Johnson (OUP, 1994)
  • How to Teach Business English, Evan Frendo (Longman, 2005)

Both will give you the basic notions of teaching Business English (and make you feel you are better prepared for it, and hence more confident) as well as practical ideas.

If it's a coursebook you want, then — among the scores of Business English courses available — I can highly recommend the excellent Market Leader series. Market Leader is particularly good for its "case studies".

There is also a Market Leader website, with additional materials on it.

More on case studies in Business English.

Teaching 1-2-1
You may also find yourself teaching Business English "one-to-one" (as private classes), in which case there are a further two books I would recommend, again both for getting the basic principles and the practical ideas:

  • One-to-One: A Teacher's Handbook, Peter Wilberg (LTP, 1987)
  • Teaching English One to One, Patricia Osborne (Modern English Publishing, 2005)

On the Web, OneStopEnglish also has a section on Teaching 1-2-1.

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