Dictogloss: Interactive students, inactive whiteboard

Dogme ELT argues that the best approach to language teaching is "materials-light", which is not exactly what you are going to get if you use a digital coursebook on an interactive whiteboard.

Rather than doing that, a dictoglossed single text gives you a "materials-light" class, with the learners interactive and the IWB inactive (sic), which is surely exactly what we should be aiming for…

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  1. On the EVO IWB session, Paddy raised the following doubt: "How much do sts really enjoy reconstructing the text tho? Unless they are real language lovers? I find a lot of my sts start well than tend to get fed up…"

    I'd say the secret is to find an interesting text. The one I suggested at the IH BCN talk was about how much of their lives men spend waiting for their wives and girlfriends… It's a subject people can and will talk (and laugh) about.

    In other words, the text reconstruction is fun because the topic is fun — and it leads on to lots of their own stories etc.

    Possible sources of fun texts here…

  2. Really like this. I've been doing dictogloss for a few years and always had the problem of how to pyramid to semi-final versions. The IWB actually adds value here (for a change) – excellent!

  3. Glad you like it, Anne. And I think that is the case: "The IWB actually adds value here".

    I struggle myself sometimes to "justify" my own use of the IWB, but for things like this do think it's worthwhile.

    Not sure it adds 2,000 euros worth of value, or whatever you might be paying for your IWBs, but anyway… 🙂 !

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