ELT Conference session: Not drawing, just representing

No matter how you teach, learn to draw!

No matter who you teach, learn to do simple drawings: if you can draw a circle, you draw a face!

For my talk at IH Barcelona's ELT Conference this year (February 5-6), I'm not going to be talking about technology, but about what used to be called "blackboard drawing".

It's my belief that all of us can draw and that, no matter who we teach, it's well worth devoting the time and effort to a little practice, as it can be useful to us in class in so many ways. Key is probably not to see it as drawing at all (I'm guessing that you're already thinking "But I can't draw!"): what we're aiming for is the ability to "adequately represent" things.

The workshop isn't designed to teach you how to draw, but is intended to show you that you can, or at least that you could, with a little practice.

Things your learners can draw, too
As well as the teacher (or teacher trainer) "drawing" things, you can also usefully get learners to draw: it's fun and can produce lots of language.

There isn't going to be time in 50-minute session to look at a lot of practical activities, so let me advance some now, from previous posts here on this blog, with some fun activities that get your learners drawing simple things:

Further links and tips and ideas coming up between now and the session (and possibly afterwards!).

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