A crazy class in football crazy Barcelona

Football crazy

Here's one that was a one-off but a lot of fun (if a bit crazy!): an impromptu, unplanned, materials- and preparation-free class that came about when two students and I failed to find a bar (in the centre of Barcelona !!!) to watch the Manchester City vs Real Madrid Champions semi final and ended up following it via the text commentary on four different mobile devices, each connected to a different website — left to right, above, The Guardian, The BBC, Marca.com and (not shown) El Mundo Deportivo.

With the first beer, the conversation got on to which of the four would update first and which we could trust to give an unbiased account of the game and it just kind of developed from there — with a fair bit of translation being required (not necessary a bad thing, if you ask me); a lot of working out meaning from context; and lot of new vocabulary; a lot of wanting to understand the text(-s); a lot of fun, not to mention quite a lot of beer and patatas bravas!

You could do the same thing after the event, by painstakingly copying the commentaries and printing them out (etc) but your learners would probably already know the result and so there wouldn't be the excitement of that.

There were eventually four of us, two (myself included) self-confessed haters of all things football, and one who is (I quote) "proud to neither know nor care anything about football". Fun also, for the two fans to have to explain what was happening to her (and why they were getting so excited about it).

I'm not sure it would work in a larger group, but if you happen to have a private class that kicks off at 20.45 on a Champions night, with someone crazy about football, entertaining!

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  1. "All things football" would include Leicester winning the Prem., would it 😉 ?

  2. Jeje, as I was born in Leicestershire and it was kinda cool that Chelsea (etc) finished so far behind, I made an exception for that! So amaaaaazzzzzziing !!!!!

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