10 factors that may (or may not) influence how successful technology is for you in a classroom

The list below — for the purposes of debate only — is for a forthcoming workshop I'll be doing (yes, I know, I did say I'd retired, but I couldn't resist the temptation to come out of retirement for just one day 😉 !).

Factors influencing success with technology

The question: Which two or three will make most difference to how successful technology is in your classroom?

Note that I'm not suggesting that these necessarily do make a difference — and in fact there are at least two in my list there that I would say make no difference at all.

Note also that I'm thinking your gender, your age, not that of your learners, though if you think that's important, feel free to say so. There's no right or wrong answer, though I will later suggest what my own answer would be.

Suggestions, opinions…? In the comments…

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