A couple of interesting blogs that I've come across recently, the first Carol Read's ABC of Teaching Children, which has "Ideas, tips and resources for primary language teachers".

Carol was — I think — the person who said "it breaks my heart to see young learners with the same identical photocopy", or words to that effect.

I don't now remember when or where she said or wrote it, a long time ago, but it's one of those things you hear that has stuck with me. Don't photocopy pictures for young learners, copy or draw them — or get them to draw them!

You'll find other good ideas on teaching young learners on Carol's website, as well as in her excellent 500 Activities for the Primary Classroom.

The second blog is Scott Thornbury's An A-Z of ELT, which is an extension to the book of the same name, by the same author.

Do people actually read blogs…? They do, and they participate, on this one, which has some fascinating discussions on it.

See also Create your own A-Z… Or get your learners to do the same, which makes a fun activity.

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