Dogme 1.0 to die? Dogme 2.0!

The Dogme ELT Discussion group is about to close — or at least that's the idea that has been put forward.

Dogme ELT proposes (or proposed?) that language teaching should "materials-light and conversation-driven" and should focus on emerging language [see also the original Dogme ELT "vows"].

There have been various proposals for a Dogme 2.0, including Scot Thornbury's proposals for Dogme and technology and the Dogme 2.0 for ELT wiki, which has further ideas on the subject.

It is possible, I have suggested, to have a dogme-approach in a technology-light language classroom.

Dogme will survive the possible demise of its Yahoo discussion group, but it would be a great shame to see it go…

Book Teaching Unplugged: Dogme in English Language Teaching. Luke Meddings and Scott Thornbury (Delta Publishing, 2009).

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  1. Shame!!!! Un beso, K.

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