Understanding the technical terms

"I just don't understand the technical terms," someone said the other day.

There are various places you could turn to for help:

  • Someone that knows who happens to be right there at the time! Ask us in the Internet Room, if you are there…
  • The ict4lt.org site (that's Information and Communications Technology for Language Teachers) has a good glossary (as well as lots of other interesting links under "resources")
  • Webopedia, which describes itself as an "online dictionary and search engine for computer and Internet technology definitions"
  • Google-is-Evil (or some other search engine). On G-is-E, try adding "define" to your search [example]

The above are in approximate order of preference, note. First a person, not technology at all, with a specialist site (possibly one you have bookmarked) before a search engine.

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