Basic tools

In our introductory session, the following things were all mentioned in your "Task 1". Click the links provided here to learn more.

Task 1
The following are things that you should know how to do:

  • Create and organise your Favourites (aka Bookmarks)
  • Run Windows Explorer (for exploring what's on your PC, not what's on the Internet, for which you need Internet Explorer, or another browser)
  • Find images on the Internet, store them on your PC, and then reuse them
  • Use the "paste special" function to paste text from the Internet into a text document
  • Use "view thumbnails" to see what images you have in a particular folder
  • Change the default start page on your browser
  • Use your keyboard shortcuts
  • Create a Word document using a Word template

The following are things that you might want to use:

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